help with ss conversion

Hey everyone,
So basically, i just picked up a bike off ebay which was probably my first mistake…the frame seems ok, no real rust etc, wheels i’m not sure about they wobble a bit side to side (a little) but im not sure if thats cos i took off the rear parcel rack and didnt do up the bolts tightly.

In any case i really want to convert it to a single speed for as cheap as possible. It has cotter pins on the cranks which i heard are a bitch, but apart from that ive basically stripped the bike.

So i was just after any advice on parts i need etc and where to get them as cheap as possible…ive checked out a fair few guides on the net but i was hoping to get some advice from the forum!


Cotter pins are only a bitch when something wears out :slight_smile:

Read this for far more info than we could ever type. Conversion is pretty easy but depends on what bits you have. Can be harder if you want it ‘fixed’ as well.

Can you post some photos? Where are you from?

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Siezed cotters on old bikes can be fun, I’ve had to drill them out after beating them to a pulp with a hammer before. If that isn’t the case then there isn’t really anything wrong with them.

hey thanks for the replies, im from easter suburbs of melb, and ill try put up some pics of the bike up tonight…so far im stuck cos i need a chain breaker, anyway to break the chain without the tool?

is it okay if i leave the crank and the large gear/cog on the front (i.e so i dont need to take the cranks off, that way i can just cut off the smaller chain ring behind it) and use spacers on the back to line up the chain…the other thing i need is that whip tool i think to take off the rear gears.

hope im on the right track…

forgot to ask, if i decide to go fixed will it be much harder/more expensive to do? or how about if i start out with ss then change to fixed?? is it just the rear cog that is different??

You can break the chain with bolt cutters / sheer force, but you’re going to need a chain breaker to then be able to remove the damaged link and reuse the chain.

Fixed isn’t going to be MUCH harder, but you’ll have to fork out a bit for some track wheels. You won’t be able to use the same rear wheel / hub that you currently have, unless you want to make a suicide hub, but wouldn’t probably reccomend it.

ok well i might go ss for now unless i can get sum cheap wheels…if my wheel is buckled then i guess ill go fixed…anyone got sum cheap wheels they’re selling?? oh and i ended up getting a chain breaker and taking off the chain…if i could upload pics id put them up but not sure how…

You will probably need a cassette freewheel removal tool, not a chain whip, to take off the cassette, but your LBS would probably do this for free. Then just get a screw-on single speed freewheel cog and screw it on the hub. Then you just need to respace the wheel so you have a nice chain line and then redish the wheel (you will need a spoke key to do this). I think the redishing is the hardest part but there are heaps of guides on the internet on how to do this.
Good luck!

Here’s a pic.

i was just wondering if there is anyway to tell if my rear wheel is bukled or just needs truing?..ill be heading down to a bike store sometime but in the mean time is there any way to tell??

that bike looks like its worth $150…and it is :mrgreen: