Herald Sun - Good news for cyclists


oh the sun readership is going to LOVE that…

“i pay raod registration and these LYCRA BUMS paye nothing and gett a hole road to themselfs! BAN THEM from the roads and mak them use the bike paths I payed for with MY TAX DOLLARS!! They clogg the roads and hold up traffic. If they wont to be on the raod, then they MUST have lisense plate and OBEY the rules like cars do”

Gary, Dandenong.

how funny are the people who bang on about VISIBLE REGO PLATES SO I CAN REPORT THEM

i dont think they realise you have to go into a police station and sit down to make a statement (1-2hr process) for the police to actually follow it up. its not like you can call the police and say oh hi, rego 1234 was in my way, and they will say, right, we will pop around to that person’s house and arrest them immediately.

its also funny when they go on about the cyclists going too slow and getting in the way, but also whinge that they go too fast and cant stop at the lights fast enough

even the motorists struggle to tell us what they do and do not want

i paid my rego last week and the actual rego cost was $22

seeming as though the title of this thread is so shitly vague… might as well throw this article in too:


The closure/redesign plans of swanston st

that render is more fucking spot on than they ever could have intended!!!

there’s a pedestrian crossing against the green light in the bike lane, not looking for traffic!!! WIN!!! LOL!!![/i][/b]

There’s some pretty funny comments popping up there now.

‘Peleton of three’ is a standout.

yeh, thats a winner. reading responses to cycling articles could turn me into a misanthrope quick-smart.

“they[cyclists] have no rights as they don’t pay for a licence or tax”


Well, what the shit came out of my pay this week? It says “tax”…?

Herald Sun comments are great. - I like this one after an article about a kid being glassed in a nightclub.
“Can’t anyone just fight anymore. Weak as.”

But Gary, I pay rego…


that Gary post was by my own creation by the way but super happy it was realistic enough to pass as Scum reader…

my comment made it past the moderators LOL

That’s the cunt cyclist penalty tax, we have to pay it otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed to breathe their fumes/air. Normal people pay normal tax. :roll:

OK so now when I’m on that stretch of road outside those hours (as I usually am to avoid the saturday morning muppetage) drivers are going to be even more pissed that I’m on “their” road when I’m “not supposed to be there”. :x

I have never supported that traffic ban plan.

They refused my post about, '“I look forward to seeing the tow trucks to drag away the illegally parked cars.” Guess I’ll just have to key them on my way past.

Most of the “fat arsed, lycra wearing wankers” probably pay twice as much tax as any of these Hun readers anyway.

dimitry fofonov? lolzer

My rather long winded comment got shot down too.

Any idea how these are actually moderated?

Probably by that fucktard, Andrew Bolt !