Here come the Executives,25197,24548787-5010800,00.html

Can’t wait to see the Beach Rd weekend warrior crowd get into it now! woo

Geeze I hate the way hip hop lingo seems to be used a lot in fixie circles:

“In the US and UK, the fixie thing has blown up ridiculously,”

Just like I hate it when someone describes a new product as having “dropped”
or someone "killin’ it " on their bike.
or “props”
or “mad skillz”

Ha, next time someone asks me why I don’t have a brake I’m going to tell them it’s because I’m a gentleman.

“It’s gentleman’s cycling. We’re interested in the cultural and aesthetic side of fixies. There’s something simple and naked about them.”

“Simple cultured and naked gentlemen ride fixed for aesthetic reasons.”

I can just see “Victorian Father” from Viz getting into it - after all, Penny Farthings are fixed, am i rite

Viz made me a bad person.

Viz Letterbocks helped me look out for Micra drivers.

“Dear Nissan Micra drivers: attach a lit sparkler to the roof of your car before you head out. You all behave like bloody dodgem drivers on the road, you might as well look like one.”

What a fucking steaming pile. All that article needed was the term “that’s the fixie lifestyle maaaan” and I would have vomited blood.

You don’t think it was just an advertorial from Deus? It sure read like one. I think there are press rules against doing that, without disclosure.

In all fairness it was kinda awesome to open up the broadsheet my cranky old grandad (bless his cotton socks) used to read and then pass judgement on the Labor party, filthy greenies etc … and see a relatively sedate article on the contraption in question. I like the point about the aesthetics of riding fixed - it’s like a katana on the mantlepiece, only not quite as deadly :wink:

haha and also “You just feel one with the bike maaaan!”

Weekend supplement magazines are entirely ADVERTORIALS!

That’s the fixie lifestyle, you just feel at one with the bike maaaaaan!

in the wrong hands it could be!

Already happening.

Why would you call your bike shop Deus Ex Machina?
The phrase doesn’t seem to correlate to cycling in any way.

they build custom motorcycles, and the literal translation means ‘god from the machine’

its first and foremost a motorbike shop. a “collabo” between some ex-mambo dude and the guy who owns sydneys biggest motorbike dealers. the fixie thing is just a side business. all very corporate, way-overpriced and all that.

that being said, they’re hosting a bike swap meet in a few weeks, so its not all doom and gloom. just mostly.

Mr Pignatti Morano builds fixies at the Deus workshops, and is one of an elite group of brakeless riders.

I ride brakless… does this make me elite??? :roll:

I thought being responsible for 0-3 day warez made you elite :wink:

Mind you, I thought I’d seen the holy grail when I saw the $500 campy corkscrew up in Brisvegas yesterday. :-o