here's my first track bike

hi there. here’s a link to some pics of my first track bike.

i think it’s pretty nice. needs some work to make it rideable though.

Nice start! Wish I could find something like this. How’d you date it?

called the shop and talked to the matriarch and her son. and then got some confirmation from an ozpushies email list guy, who also has one, about serial number dating. more importantly…its my size!!! hell yes!

sorry to not run the envy thing super hard but it wasn’t free! i paid some money for it but it was worth it!

Nice find Classix. What are your plans for the build?

Freaking nice,
especially like the hankie top tube protector.
are you going to keep the colour, gives it the vintage look.

Yeah I will keep the colour the same, no reason to spoil that finish. Plans for the build include Williams crankset, got some Harden hubs which I will lace to modern clinchers. It had blue cotton bar tape on the bottom half of the bars, which I will do the same.

Paddy that vintage look is because it’s 65 years old! Apparently the guy who found it and sold it to me says he has the phone of the guy who owned it. I really want to try to track him down and get the story on this bike. He was a member of the Footscray Amateur Cycling Club, which is painted on the top tube along with his name.

Awesome project. Looks like there was a badge on top of the handlebar stem, is that long gone?

Looks like an old Cinelli Milano stem.

Haha Trew.
Best wishes with the upgrades.

Nope, I still have it. I gave it a polish when I got the rust off the stem/bars. It’s the Cinelli dude but it was fairly rugged. Can’t leave brass/aluminium on when I dip the chrome+steel stuff. It gets eaten up.

The bars have no markings…I assume they are Cinelli, but how does one tell?

nice bike buddy