He's got the POWER

A Detailed Look into Ryan Trebon’s Watts

A little bit dense at times (especially if you are new to power measurement as they relate to cycling) but there’s enough comparisons to make it worthwhile.

tl:dr: trebon is a beast.

J-Pow is good - I have his t-shirt.

But my real fav of the US circuit is Ryan Tre-BOOM!!!

everyone knows that if you dont like J POW or RAPHA FOCUS then you dont understand what being epic really is.

ps i have been following the US race circuit in great detail for at least 4 weeks now, actually almost 5 weeks - so i know exactly what i am talking about.


he has handled his injury really well… in past years the-boohoo would have come out but i think being responsible for his own program this year has made him step it up (a bit like j-pow having to come out of the green machines and earn his stripes). i can’t decide if i want his to win US Nats as redemption for his crash or for j-pow to finally win (especially after last year’s mishap).

i do miss wicks and trebon standing a full head above everyone in their rad kona skin suits, the LTS kit is growing on me, but its a poor cousin to a lot of his contenders.

J Pow makes me want to burn my cross bike and take up BMX.

Nick, I honestly thought that this was going to be a thread about you seeing me on a trail somewhere and not being able to catch me to say “Hi”.

I was dead wrong, but there are a lot of numbers in that article.

Wow, this kid’s ridiculously talented.

I still like Eddy’s old school approach. When asked what it is he does to achieve his phenomenal success as a cyclist he simply answered “Ride lots”.