This is my new cyclocross bike. Bought it off Clarion complete. Changed a few parts, and have swapped out the wheelset to clinchers (for now).

Frame / Fork: Heuvelmans Reynolds 531 (I think?)
Bar / Stem: 3ttt Grand Prix, Cinelli 1A, Fizik tape
Seat / Seat post: Stripped original Cinelli Unicanitor with cheap kalloy post
Brakes: Tektro levers, Shimano 600 canti’s with Kool Stop pads (Thanks Heavymetal)
Shifters: Suntour barcons
Cranks: Shimano 600 (drive side), Dura Ace (non-drive side), 46t and 42t chainrings.
Front derailleur: Shimano 105
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record
Wheelset: Campagnolo Gamma to Suntour (clincher), Mavic to Dura Ace (tubular), 6 speed.
Pedals: Time ATAC
Tyres: Panaracer Pasela 700x32c (clinchers)

I’ve only ridden it once (this morning, after finishing it last night), and it need some tweaks. The bars are way too narrow, and the canti’s need adjusting. I think I cut the housing for the rear brake too short as well, so I need to replace that.

It rides well, really “whippy” compared to my road bike and Shogun, more like a track bike, but with bigger softer tyres. Depending on how much I like it and how it rides, I wouldn’t mind upgrading the groupset to ergo shifters later down the track.

Really nice!!

Hell yeh! You’re kicking goals at the moment JLN, well done.


very nice!! Kool Stop pads make a hug difference. looks fun to ride

Looking at new bars now… I really like the look of the Salsa Cowbells. Does anyone know if they (or a similar style) are available in silver and 26.0 clamp? I’m not even that concerned if they’re not silver.

PS: Shimano BL-R400 / R600 levers will do wonders for your brake performance. That or the old 6400/7400/etc Super SLR aero levers.

Why is that? The Tektro levers feel pretty nice, but braking is a bit weird, but I put it down to poorly set up brakes (it was late, I was in a rush) I have some of those Shimano levers… On my road bike though. If it wasn’t a pain the arse to swap levers, I would.

Also, what’s your opinion on these?

Soma Hwy One Road Bar (31.8/26.0)

The Shimano super slrs have a slightly different cable pull. I setup Tektro Oryx brakes (notoriously bad) with tektro and shimano 9sp sti levers and they were abysmal, but with some 6400 levers they were fine. I’ve also test ridden a bike with wide profile shimano cantis like yours and R400 & 6400 levers and they work very very well.

The HWY ONE bars are fairly short reach/drop, no real flare.

I wouldn’t mind less reach. I’m running a short stem on there now to compensate the reach of bars currently on there.

Buy a new (shorter) bike.

Wider bars will make it worse. These bars are intended for modern integrated levers, you may end up with some wacky angles / lever positioning.

Reply from other thread moved for posterity:

Cowbells are 31.8mm only

Nitto Randonneur are 25.4 & flared. Noodles are 26.0 swept and flared 4°, B115 25.4 & very slightly flared.

Salsa Bell Lap are 26.0, and the predecessor to Cowbells, but have an ergo bump.

OnOne Midge are 25.4/31.8 but probably too flared.

Randos are probably the best bet.

Haha. I’ll speak to my wife.

As for the lever positioning, the Tektro’s look pretty much the same as the Campy Veloce on my wife’s bike, which are modern levers, so I assumed that they would be okay?

I do need some wider bars though, these feel tiny. They’re really narrow, with lots of reach. I have some 42cm Cinelli Touch bars on my tarck F(ake) Moser that I may stick on for the time being (I need a new BB for that bike…)

The tektros are a more modern shape, yes, but if you’re unhappy with the braking performance you’ll be after some Shimano R400s.

I’ll adjust the canti’s tonight and see how I go.

those soma bars are road shallow drop and will look terrible, why not just use a cinelli criterium or something

I have a set of Criteriums at home. They curve way too much to have the brake levers sit nicely, and to have the cabling for the barcons to be run under the tape.

I tried.

Sweet, gumwall tyres set it off imo.
At the risk of being branded a heretic I could never come to terms with the noodly whip of Reynolds 531either(especially the seat and chainstays). Prefer cro mo.

yeah you are going to need some proper shifters on your new whip

Please see original post re: new groupset.