For those playing at home, this a quick shot of the current bar width and reach.

This doesn’t make any sense. The stiffness (which affects the flex) of plain carbon steel / Mn-Mo steel (531) and Cr-Mo (Many Columbus, Ishiwata, Tange, Vitus, True Temper tubesets to name a few) is essentially the same. Changing it requires different wall thicknesses / diameters.

So whilst the size/thickness of the stays/tubes that your Reynolds frames were made from might have felt flexible, to compare them to “Cr-Mo” is to compare them to hundreds of other steel tubesets, from flexible super thin butted non oversize to stout plain gauge oversize.

Stop being so god damn correct Blakey
It’s got a different sticker so it feels different, right?

Yeah I realise that Blakey, and I know its a blanket statement, but I.ve never felt that same flex on the cro mo frames I’ve owned or ridden. I’m happy to be labeled a Philistine if it fits. Just offered my humble opinion, never stated it as fact.
Sorry to take your thread OT JLN. I’ll take myself and my crackpot observations to the naughty corner.

that Mr Young and his modulus…
always causing trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some relatively short reach ergo bars you can test out.

Thanks Hugs, but I’m going to try some bars I have at home first.

I’ve swapped out the bars for some ol’ Win-Pista ergo bars off of a Repco… The reach is a lot better, but they’re deep as hell. Will be ordering some new bars very soon. Leaning towards something with a shorter reach and more compact. I don’t mind the look of those Soma bars, despite what Alex says.

i’ve got the salsa bel laps (came on my cross check) and they are awesome. nice and short and the grip in the drops is perfect.

also there is a race on this saturday

I’ve got a spare set of bell laps lying around. I have a set on my cross check and really like 'em. PM if interested.

The bike looks great JLN. Well done. Like your work.

Nice Bike JLN. It’s kind of exactly what I want in my next build.

It’s not easy to find a frame like that in 57cm though.

when you put your new bar on get someone different to apply the bar tape because one side is on backwards

So everyone keeps telling me! Sadly, due to a prior engagement, I can’t come along and make a fool of myself.


I think you’ll find that you are mistaken, however, I’ll let you believe it, so you feel better about yourself.

Thanks, once I’ve gotten rid of the bugs, it should be rad.

Poor form - race will be finished by midday! How does that conflict with a dinner engagement?

Shhh Tim, don’t tell everyone our plans!

actually i am mistaken, both sides are on backwards, the non drive side is such a mess it is hard to tell :slight_smile:

this had better be out on the course when we road trip over for the national series round or im a gonna let your tyres down :wink: