hey design types, wanna make $10?

no seriously, i got ten bucks for the first person (or the best person) who takes the classic shamal logo:

and makes it say ‘straight edge’:

now that sounds like a fun way to spend friday!

i may also purchase one of those jackets before the day is out.

or not. just read that it’s wool. thumbs down!

It’s school holidays for ya Brendan eh? Looking forward to seeing the submissions. You will attach said decals to your Shamals?

it shows, doesn’t it. yeah, i’ll put the stickers on the new set.

You want squezze 12 letters into a 6 letter logo? what are you, crazy?

you can do it chav! i believe in you!

if anyone can do it, chux can

Straight Edge?

Chax can do anything, what a guy.

hey xbbx

i am rather ignorant regarding straight edge matters, but isn’t a jacket made of wool, with the words straight edge across the back, completely missing the point? i am assuming you aren’t buying it for that very reason, but that seems like a pretty big oversight by those that made it…

thanks in advance


Yeah I could do it over the weekend. How do you need to file delivered? (PDF, AI, etc.)? So you want Straight Edge in the Shamal logo style right?

You can be straight edge (or sXe) without being vegan, but I think it kind of goes together.

Just read up on sXe stuff…wow where have I been???

Ummm with regards to wool and vegan…isn’t it ok becasue the sheep isn’t killed for the wool, just shawn (sp?)
for it?
Leather shoes on the other hand are a different story.

doesn’t compute for you does it Azz?

Not in Adelaide or Melbourne in 1999 / 2000?

I’m the king of reworking logo’s to say other shit…

Will see if i can quickly do something at work for you without getting caught otherwise cant do til next week as im interstate…

Oh shit! - ‘Straight Edge’ on a curved edge. I get it now. Okay - I’m going to do my best with this - will have to wait till lunch though.

deja vu anyone?

you just missed the perfect opportunity to tell me to pls use the search function.