Does anyone know the owner?

They’re in hospital, don’t know where.

Damon sent me this.

doesnt look good, looks like he was taken sideways.
hope he was wearing a helmet

looks like it was hit from the front, back and side, then reversed over!

Hope he’s okay - bike damage doesn’t get too much heavier than that.

I have no idea who the owner is but please keep us informed if you find out TC. If the owner is anything like the bike they’re going to need some serious R&R.

from my post just on cm-melb, in response to the other cyclist accident this morning :frowning:

Another cyclist was run over by a cement truck at the corner of collins and exhibition today just before 12:36pm.

Alledgedly: Cyclist was on the left at the red light, when they turned green the cement truck moved to the left to do a hook turn (to the right) and the cyclist ended up under the back wheels.

Lots of lunchtime office worker were witnesses and a few ambulances turned up.
It probably wasnt clear how many people were injured from the dozens of phone calls they would have received.

The cyclist is probably at St Vincents or the Alfred, he rides a red Alberni fixie with a front white velocity rim (rear is black). The cyclist was conscious after the event but he’ll probably have 2 broken legs.

[I didn’t see the accident but I have patched together the above notes from people who got there before I did. Photo above is from Emmylah]


One of his parents works nearby. He’s getting surgery in the theatre at the Alfred. He has a broken pelvis and hip and some serious tissue damage.

Apparently his name is Rowan (Rohan?) could this be Rohan from this forum?

Either way, glad to hear repair work on the most important piece of machinery is already underway.

I don’t know you but I wish you a speedy recovery. For some strange reason (humans are strange) because of the kind of bike you ride, theres a whole bunch of people who are even more concerned for your welfare. (Something I was reminded of just last Sunday at the skid comp)


A very horrifying photo.

I think the Rohan on here as a blue bike.

The bike looks familiar, was it at the skid comp on Sunday?

Hope they have a speedy recovery.


I wish them a speedy recovery too!

man, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a bike more wrecked then that.

ride safe guys,
either get to the very front at the lights, or make sure the car behind you knows you’re there and can’t slip past till it’s safe is my tip, hasn’t failed me

  • One.

Hope its a speedy recovery.

Ride safe guys

Happened right by my work and I was last one to know!
hope all is well for the poor bloke after surgery.

Would have been a huge vertical downforce to punch the forks forward like that.

Godspeed for the rider, I think he is very lucky to be still with us.

>Happened right by my work and I was last one to know!

Where do you work? I’m on Exhibition at Lt Collins.

any way to pm on this forum?

I work on collins street, but the window from the desk looks straight out onto exhibition. Just to the left of where this happened

Not a photo that anyone on any type of bike wants to ever see, certainly sent a shiver up the spine.

Thoughts with the rider for a complication free recovery.

Whats the story with the truckie, the cops talking to him??

fuck i hope this guy is ok.

I’ve had close calls with vehicles and I’m definatly more cautious on the roads now, because of it.
Although it may have not been the case, hopefully this is a reminder especially for people riding fixed to think about their level of bike control before taking off the brakes. It really gets to me when i see someone unable to stop sufficiently at a set of lights, not only for their safety but for those around them too.

best of luck with the recovery mate.

I wish the guy a speedy recovery, saw him today lunchtime along elizabeth cor bourke I remember he was wearing a black MET helmet and half finger gloves…thank God he was wearing a helmet.

I should probably buy a helmet…

Man that is scary…

Wishing the dude a speedy recovery!


Wishing the dude a speedy recovery!