from the CM grapevine:

“He’s in intensive care and having the first of several skin grafts, will have a long recovery but the prognosis is good.” via a colleague of the injured rider’s mum :slight_smile:

flowers? or rims?

Yikes… Just in case you were wondering, that wasn’t me that went under the truck. Wishing a speedy recovery to the unknown injured rider :slight_smile:

For the record my bike is a black conversion, not blue…

This is shocking, and there is a lot of response from the fixed community (or at least us), so does anyone know if there is anything being done about the bike (clearly the key concern), ie i know of a lot of messenger benifits held to get the rider a bike before he gets out of hospital, so this could be an option of the fixed community showing our support?

also wishing a speedy recovery

What terrible news, all the best to the injured rider in their recovery.

As for the bike, I’d be happy to donate some parts and/or money towards a replacement.

Shit that looks horrible. Best wishes to the rider.

Not meaning to sound nasty, but he’s got a broken pelvis, two broken legs (?) and is having a series of skin grafts… can’t imagine he’ll be back on a bike anytime soon…

But, would also be willing to donate parts / some mulla if for some reason he could be.

This is really scary, and I hope he’s better real soon.

phil wheelchair hubs?

Yikes, (but happy to think that in this case any wheelchair would be temporary) but one thing us cyclists do have in common with wheel chair users is the wheels/tyres/flats/etc…

In other news, I spent a day in a wheelchair last year for work. It was with other able bodies planners/designers/engineers catching public transport and generally trying to get around. We spent the day with people from the paraplegics association , I highly recommend it.

Count me in for any collection/benefit/event/contribution to get this bloke back on a nice bike when the time is right.

Hey guys.
I would be keen to help out in any way possible, it was a terrible accident and I hope to never have to see this kind of thing happen again.

Through my new site I was thinking of organising a meet up where people can donate parts or even a donation to see if we can get a bike together.
Maybe a ride around the city promoting safe riding and rider awareness?

Let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Also we should speak to his mum or friends and get the size of bike he rides.


more from the cm list:

date Aug 7, 2008 12:30 PM
The guy’s name is Rohan (or Rowan) Hutchinson

Amazingly he has actually sustained no broken bones. The hospital believed his pelvis and hip had been broken but they have not. However he has sustained some internal injuries due to his handlebars being pressed into his abdomen. His other injury is a strip of flesh that has been torn off (right down to the bone) from above the hip to below the thigh. He is currently undergoing skin grafts. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery. TAC has already been in touch and is covering everything, driver has admitted liability.

It would have been much worse but for bystanders who witnessed it and called out for the driver (who was unaware) to stop. Rohan did not end up under the wheels of the truck, just his bike did. He was caught between the bike and the road and pushed forward ahead of the rear wheels; hence the injury.

His mother and sister (who both work with me) were very touched by the outpouring of concern from the bicycle community.

Damon perhaps you could pass this on to the fixie list


Count me in, (Although to promote bike safety maybe I should not ride or something)


at the risk of being taken the wrong way, I’d be happy to donate a brake.

Sincerely hope the young bloke recovers well, those big skin grafts will take a lot of care and a long time to heal. Even without broken bones he won’t be riding a bike for some time.

Is there a link to this CM list? Or can anyone elaborate on what actually happened with the crash? I don’t think Ive ever seen a bike get damaged in so many different areas like that, scary! :cry:

oh boy… this is really sad and scary… poor kid. just say i wanted to send him some in hospital snax or games or the like how i could go about it?? :?


(It’s less about CM these days and more about jaded cyclists saying ‘…and another thing’ for hours on end about roads, public transport issues etc.)

was speaking to a friend who works with the girlfriend of the inured rider tonight. she wa sunder the impression that there’s no broken bones to mend, only skin grafts. was dragged under the truck, apparently.

If people are serious about getting a replacement ride together, I have a pretty nice set of gold Gipeimme deep section rims i would be more than happy to put up.

Wishing a speedy recovery!

It’s a great idea to propose building a replacement ride. I’m sure all of us here would have enough spare parts we could donate to create a cool little ride. The main issue is what size frame do they need?

Nice one erle!

I’ve posted everything that’s been said on the cm list into this thread (so far).

Quick summary:
cyclist & traffic heading east on collins at exhibition
waiting at red on the left of a cement truck.
cement truck intending to hook turn right down exhibition, veers to the left
cyclist in space between front and rear wheels, bike under back wheels
handlebars in stomach
bystanders stop the truck

A few things to consider, and a few things I’m waiting to hear back through the family from.

Now I don’t know Rowan and part of me feels like I’m sticking my nose in somebody elses business, but from what I’ve heard, our interest/concern is appreciated.

Many of the Bike Messenger emergency fund-like programs exist in an environment where insurance and health care is all screwed up. I’m not sure what the case is here. So while I get excited about the idea of the bike community banding together to get a new fixie on the street. That may be covered. The driver admitted liability, and we have TAC and Medicare (and the Autin is a neat hospital from what I gather)

(For a long time TAC didn’t cover dooring accidents because bikes aren’t motor vehicles and the car’s engine needed to be running for TAC to apply. Fortunatly that was fixed.)

I’ll try and find out more information about what gaps there are in getting everything right again. So that any assistance/effort we organise can be properly targetted.

We may be the key to tracking down the right frame/bits and pieces for rowan’s fixie 2.0. (or even enabling an upgrade :wink: There are things that we can do that family/non bike friends can’t necessarily… But if I was Rowan, and the insurance payment came through ok, I’d be calling the shots on that project for sure.

I’m also not sure if Rowan wants or needs strangers visiting him (sure he might absolutely, but I’ll wait to hear more) Who knows, he may be in desperate need of a copy of bootleg sessions, the latest cog, or the second half of flight of the conchords…

I’m also not sure if he even knows about this thread. How much would I care about this situation if he wasn’t riding a fixie and if it didnt happen outside my work? (I’ll save that one for the philosophers…)

But, if any of you ever see me in the street in a bad accident, please take photos, of everything, don’t feel bad, it’s an important moment in my life and (maybe just because I’m such a keen photographer) maybe it will help me piece together what happened after the event. You have my express permission shoot away.

I’ll post more when I hear back, I’ll catch up with cam/aquaman/1bs in the next few days and probably rock up to cranky this sunday too. see you then.

Oh yeah, Rowan’s about 30.

That’s a pretty horrible incident. Best wishes to Rowan and his family - for a full and speedy recovery :slight_smile: