Hey shop monkeys! Stickers...

Any shop crew recommend a place to get little shop stickers made for seat tubes (with shop name, contact details, etc)? Ideally on a clear backing with two colours and not too exxy. Cheers!

Fyxomatosis made up some nice tube decals - Perhaps ask him.


redder4 is good for stickers, and fairly cheap. sticker robot is fucking amazing for stickers, but postage from america is a killer.

Give RIDE in Bellerive a call and see where they get theirs done!

Your local print company will be able to do these for you, and if its a basic sticker it shouldnt be too expensive.

If you have the design done then you could even try an online company like Stickers | Custom stickers | Sticker printing | Stickers Sydney | Sticker Factory

I’m gonna get some done, but they’ll say ‘team dylan’.
And I’ll sticker them on anyone’s bike I can find.

We have used Wombat Graffix a few times now and the stickers have turned out amazing and they are quite cheap also. Wombat Grafx : Screen, Offset & Digital Printing

Try getting Greg to reply to an email…