Hi I am NEW

Hi I am new so this might be a dumb question

Does this forum have a for sale section?

looking for a new frame or some new wheels?

You gotta be here a while first.
Prevents this place from being like justcommodores or firesport.

So you have to eb on the web site for a while b4 you cna see/access the for sale section?

25 days, sunshine.

Hi NEW, I’m Dan. As Dyldo Baggins has pointed out there is a trading section but you’ll have to wait a month or so before you can access it. If you make some really interesting and informative posts in that time the mods might grant you early access. By the way have you seen this totally awesome video before:


Anything else I need to know to get this access?

On another note … Have been riding some old frames (side of the road style stuff) they are not track sized wheels what size wheels would they be? 27" and do people sell the wheels specif for these old steel road bikes?

You don’t just ‘get’ access. You have to earn it.

But once you do, ‘hold on to your chairs, ladies’ because the for sale section is a gold mine of aerospokes, cinelli lasers and badged stems, vinatage campagnolo pista cranks, sheriff star hubs and deltas.

Seriously, the guys on this forum are so dumb with their pricing, it’s like they haven’t heard about eBay yet.

Dan, that video is AWESOME. Where did you ever find it!!

that’s why we have a help section! go ask that question in there. folks are generally quite useful.

don’t waste your time with lots of posts like “rad bike”, “LOLZ” etc.

use the serach function, play nice and people will generally play nice with you.

some older road frames used 27 wheels, yep. but there can be issues using 700 wheels on a 27" frame; the lower bottom bracket height means you’re more susceptible to pedal strike.

but jokes about bands and not having heard about them always go down well.

i’ve earned my stripes.

did someone say Stripes?!?!

Shit band.

If you’ve got a beard, post a pic in the relevant thread, that’s worth multiple points

i used to work with someone who was fanatical about Stryper…he was a drummer also, so i didn’t hold either against him.

And back around to McKenny.

I clearly need to up my hipster cred on this site … beard is on the way … Jeans have been cut down and rolled.

You’re going to go far my son

don’t listen to Steve, i’m not sure he even owns a pair of skinny jeans.

Isn’t that ban on this site … min requirement 1 pair of skinny leg jeans and one pair of chino’s …?
bike optional if you ahve the roadie cap that matches your socks?