High Polishing Alloy Frame (Melb)


So I have an aluminium frame (Specialized Crux) that I’d like to have high polished in the next week or so.

Has anyone in Melbourne got a hookup/know somebody/had this done locally? Would love to hear any feedback.


Just picked up a rad old 8" grinder with the intention of fitting polishing wheels to it. You can use it if you want.

Thanks Pete, I was hoping to use someone with all the gear and who would get a much more consistent result than me in all the little finicky bits. Providing it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Holla at Commuter? chances are they will know something…

it’s probably going to cost an arm and a leg… (it’s a shit load of work)

Wrap it in aluminium foil.

chrome finish vinyl wrap?

We did a GT track frame up here. Its a coupla hundo because its a lot of work and tight spaces.

Just search metal polishing. The guy who does my stuff does show car engines, motorbikes etc etc…

Cheers all,

Will do a ring around, and if it’s too pricey I’ll probably just DIY it.