Hillbrick custom black frameset - size 54


wow, 48 seconds from register to cut paste own add, impressive.

are you selling spam?

what flavours do you carry? im interested in hot&spicy.

I think that’s a new record.

Isn’t that what this ebay forum is for?

If you’re interested, good. If not, this post isn’t for you.

And as for spam, I don’t think so - it’s a good frameset, I figured that people here would be more interested than most.


It’s considered bad taste to register just to advertise your own goods for sale.

yeh, nah.

new around here? oh yeh, we establised that already.

unless it’s a fucking amazing deal. which this aint, really.

I thought it was a bike forum.

My mistake.

now i may be new here, but i found this forum while searching google regarding getting my bitch fixed aka sterilized.

My point of view is this:

I want to sell my frameset - where better to do that than in a fixed-gear bike forum? So I searched Google and came up with this.

Then I discovered that there is a subforum precisely for what I have just done - advertise eBay links.

I guess I could have registered, waited a day, and then posted, but what’s the point in that?

Now that I’m aware of the existence of the forum, I’ll utilise it more generally, but for the time being, I just want to sell my frame. Is that OK with all of you?

Look, it’s simple. If you are interested in the frame, now you know. If you aren’t interested, just ignore the post! It’s the internet - just because I’ve posted something you’re not interested in is not a reason to get offended, ok?


… I suppose your right…
along similar lines, If you dont like our responses, just dont read them.

Having said that, if you had of read a handful of posts in the E-bay thread alone, you may have seen this coming.

Group hug :slight_smile:

or any other thread.
there’s not enough bile spitting on fixed anymore. youse guys all used to be cuntz, now it’s all group hugs and colourways.

split the forks?