Hillbrick Custom

Buy Track Frame: Hillbrick custom, Hillbrick, Frames Bike Accessory for Sale in Caringbah, NSW

55cm, Columbus Thron tubeing, looks mint and comes with a fizik saddle. Seems like a bargain?

pretty ugly.

the mix of tube shapes hurts my eyes abit

I want that BAD.
Exactly my type of bike, ugly, stupid colours, shit that looks like tribal.
Except he doesnt say anything about postage.

email the guy dylan? or if he doesn’t
want to ship, get one of the Sydney guys on here to help out?

Nah, no money, plus I was gonna buy rolly’s orlando. This is bigger, but still, more expensive. Neither are exactly my size but the orlando’s better.

this is fresssh

may you never look at modern bikes.

i love this. different is good.

Yeah playa close your fucken sexy eyes
brendox has got his eyeballs all over everything at the momo, he’s like sauron, lookin at shit, itchier than An fresh tattoo]
fuck i’m itchy

fuck dylan, when you get wasted, you need to spend less time on the internet!

fuck i don’t even remember being on the computer man.

Yeah bro, don’t ever use the Internet when drunk again.

Dylan, you just got pulled over by the Internet Police for typing under the influence, Unlucky.

What the fuck does this even mean?

dylan was drunk. what’s your excuse for thinking this sweet-ass frame is ugly?