Hillbrick Pista 56cm

Hillbrick Pista 56cm track frame
Columbus tusk carbon forks
Hillbrick stem
Generic risers/ Hillbrick drops
Stolen grips
Hillbrick cranks (Red Miche in box, didnt like the red, for sale is anyone interested)
Fizik seat (not in pic)
BMX pedals/ Shimano clip ins and Mavic pro race elite shoes
Skin growns back straps
Reynolds Assault front rim
Aerospoke rear
48/19 gearing
Knog lights and computer
GoPro with handlebar mount

where’s the pic?!

Can’t figure out how to upload it, amature.
Im pretty sure its in my profile but.


new drinking game… every time rolly posts ^^… SKULL!!!

Can I play with cup a soup? Got one on the go.

no shit, getting ridiculous huh!


Is this it?


Too obvious to call BOTY?

Yeah that’s it! How’d you get that?
It’s now got a different seat and once I get off my lazy ass it will have a black tire as the white one is so close to popping if I think about a skid it will go.

What does BOTY mean?

Boty '07

Mad skillz, just ask Rolly. Here’s one with drops.

I like how the track drop version doesn’t require foot retention.

^ +1…

reynolds attack? i like that front wheel :cool:

Reynolds assault

Yeah I was to lazy to put the straps on so I was just running clip ins from my rode bike, just an old pic when I was seeing clearance with some old pedals I had lying around.

Skills to pay the bills!

I think I put these photos on another fixed website, I can’t remember what it was called but.

whats that back wheel? looks good

Omg I dig it yo, rattle can that frame something lary though eh

could be closet potato guy?

Needs a big FUCK on the downtube, ey dylz. amirite?