Hillbrick Pista BCD???

Does anyone know what the PCD is on a hillbrick pista???

I just bought one and it is coming on monday and i want o buy some new chainrings and some cogs, but i am not sure what size i need to get.

Is there a standard size cog to get? i know i need a specific BCD chainring but im not sure what.

Can anyone help???


If you’re looking at racing at Blackburn, an 86 or 88" gear is good for most racing there in your grade. Have a look at this chart :


For DISC over winter, you can generally go a couple of inches bigger for general racing, I ran 92" (and 98 for motorpaces toward the end of the winter last year), and generally ride 86" or 88" at BBN over summer.

I find with a 51 tooth chainring, and a 14,15 and 16 tooth sprocket I have most things covered sufficiently without needing two chains. That gets you 86" and 92" and 98" which is good for most things. Your Hillbrick is 144 BCD/PCD (the terms are interchangeable and that’s the most common track PCD) with a Shimano compatible sprocket carrier.


is it worth buying second hand stuff or should i buy new stuff, also buy generic or buy the brand names???

its all so new to me

It is worth avoiding 2nd hand. Get a new good quality (Izumi perhaps) chain, and run it on new chainrings/cogs.

Chainrings are here: http://cycleunderground.com.au/chainringdesigns.htm

Before you put on a new chainring tho - you should get some new singlespeed chainring bolts (most shops can help). Those ones that come with the Hillbrick (Roselli?) cranks are too long and will not tighten properly on a non-Roselli chainring, unless you file them down a bit.

Just as a point of interest…my steel hillbrick came with Roselli cranks, but my alluminium hillbrick pista came with miche primata cranks…which have a different bcd :slight_smile:

Hey Mason!!

You have already kicked my arse at the BBN Velo this season so no tips on how to beat me!!

Just Kidding.

I usually cary a range of rings from 48-53 and sprockets 12-16. At BBN aim between 86-90 inch gears depending on wind. Most weeks i ride 90 and do not too bad, just gets a little hard if the young un’s jump real quick and me the oldie needs a little bit of a wind up.

DISC is a little different as the gear you ride will naturallyt be bigger due to less outside influence (weather, heat, etc) so i would start at 90 and work my way up depending on the race.

Anyways, Carl has a couple of gear charts that the V Train did for him so just ask him nice and i think he will part with one.