Hillbrick pista

Try linking flickr again.

EDIT: Try linking a .jpg from your flickr.

Like this, you need to look at the propertis of the picture, not the page…

What bars are those?

Looks great! Is it an alu frame?

and what chain tensioner you running?

I like the olive coloured B43’s

There black ano. Just looks weird in that light.

i love the black wheel and red frame combo…so simple yet looks so good…i am a big fan of the risers as well…i was thinking about putting either risers or bullhorns on my avanti pista pro

thank man I try to change the wheel all the time i got this black B43 Wheel is look hot!! man

thank man
I got bullhorns bar I try it one time is look good but now I like to play the trick on my bike come to pay with us man



how much were your crankset??

i’m guessing he bought it off cellbikes.com.au ,
there’s a promotion couple weeks ago …
sugino messenger for about 250 bucks. (correct me if i’m wrong)
but sorry promotion’s over now :expressionless:

:? you do realise there is more than one store that sells these, and that have a regular price that’s better than cells sale price?

my bad didn’t mention here …so sorry.
pitiboonsom 's actually my daily riding friend,
so here i em not making an assumption base on nothing

but can u tell me where can i get cheap sugino cranks ?
THANKS :wink:

fair enough



sweet thanks
'll probably get one of this for my next build
BLUE X BLACK combination
leader trick star frame :lol:

i really like the hillbrick pista shape, saying that i like the leader frames aswell.

I get cheap sugino cranks from Ebay brand new with post just AU$168

piti :smiley: