Thought I would post this as I think its a fairly nice bike :slight_smile:

Frame/Fork:- Aussie made, Hillbrick manufactured, columbus zona tubing, track bike and fork. Some slight pitting rust on chain stay and rust on fork chrome. Top Tube CC = 59cm, Seat Tube CT = 59cm
Cranks:- Shimano dura ace track crank FC-7710
Bottom Bracket:- Shimano dura ace NJS track bottom bracket FC-7710
Chainring:- Shimano dura ace Track Chainring 48T 1/2" x 1/8"
Chain:- HKK Vertex Track Chains
Cog:- Kookie, 14 tooth, NicoTEF
Wheels:- Miche track hubs built to campagnolo atlanta 1996 rims
Tyres:- Continental 4000S Tyres
Bar:- 40mm wide Nitto Steel Sprinter bars
Stem:- 90mm Nitto aluminum (?)
Seat post:- Titanium, American classic
Seat:- White KASHIMAX Saddle
Pedals:- MKS RX-1 pedals with MKS steel toe clips and Kashimax double toe straps


i like it, its my size too,
nice job

Damn. That is nice.

yep, i agree, looks great

48/14 is pretty hefty for the street though…

clean, like the paint.

48:14 is about 92’’ you must have it in for your knees. Im sure i’ve seen this exact build before except it had had a black saddle and bar tape.

92.6, in fact. probably my favourite gear ratio - for the track.

some back to the future shit going on here…

oh man, i miss those guys.

Classic FOA there. Spud / Mckenny getting boners / Craig C!

Aha! I knew that photo looked familiar. I had a quick search and could only find JKLP’s Rossin in a similar pose.

CraigC & Spud might be gone, Lats is in Vancouver, Sime’s no longer a n00b, but mckenny still pops boners.

This is for sale over at Rotorburn.

NSW Hillbrick Track Bike

What happened to the bench? Ah, well.

Very nice. The white bits look much nicer than before.

very nice indeed.

No mention of me… the outcast of fixed.org am I?

Horatio pre-seatpost troubles. it was a simpler time back then.

same nice bike, same nice location, different time (slightly diff positions on the path) what a lol

It’s still fucking porn!

I thought this was going to be another Al tig weld hillbrick. Very nice surprise!

Yeh, same bike. Its been in storage for a few years while I have been overseas.

It was originally built for the track.

But I have been tossing up putting a lower gear ratio and some brakes and ride it on the road. Seems a bit mean to drill such a nice frame though and I dont think the campy rims would like rim brakes.

Might end up selling it and get something else.