I wasn’t really looking for a new frame, as I’ve still got that CAAD8 in my spare room that I really need to build up, but a message from Kit of this MASSIVE Hillbrick got me a bit excited.
It was listed as a 66cm and at a very good price, so I messaged the seller to get me a postage price and we can work from there.
A week or so later it turned up, and even I was surprised by how big this damn thing is!
It measures at 66cm*63cm centre to centre (seat and toptube), which is 3cm longer each way than my Capo.

I built it up this morning, pilfering parts from the Capo which has been battling the winter weather as a SS commuter and also pulling back out my China carbon wheels.
The bars are from my 29er and need a bit off each end, otherwise it rides really well.
I’m surprised that the top tube doesn’t feel too long, actually.

I won’t do a parts listed, you’ve seen all these on other bikes anyway. I just recycle between frames.

Here are some photos.

*not sure if my seat isn’t straight or just the angle of the photo, will check.

700c mini velo…very nice.
Must have been custom made for someone relatively recently? Judging by the integrated headset and decidedly non stock sizing

This is s seriously sweet bit of kit, saw on the gram along with Lemontime’s killer mini velo comment… pissed my self laughing. The seat tube junction #lovehearteyes

F@&k you’re tall.
Sweet build though.
I like the bars that wide

This, 66cm frame and still looks like a foot of seatpost.

First thought was that it was an old pursuit frame with that head tube length.

This is amazing. I love it.

This is amazing.
The main triangle of my Hillbrick would fit into the main triangle of this with a few cm to spare all round.

looks sweet

how do you like those wide bars?

What they said. Super sweet.

Orange bikes. Can’t fail.

Thanks gents, I was a bit apprehensive about riding such a big bike, but it really does feel great.
The feeling of sitting ‘in’ a frame instead of on it, something I haven’t really experienced!
Even being able to stand up and pedal going up hills and being about to get over the front of the bike, feels good man!

Sucks for splitting traffic and I hold on the very inner of the grips most of the time, but aesthetically I think it suits the bike and they aren’t that much wider than what I would ride usually. I’d probably only take 3cm off them total if I cut them. This isn’t my first time riding wide bars though, if you look at my other builds.

Thanks for the insight…I’m just curious as I see more wide bars these days…I get that some of it fashion but I guess comfort is also a big part. I might have to get some and see for myself.

Nice! But wow! it’s massive!

Finally, more track bike builds!

The colour is fantastic and it looks great!

Ps if I was that tall I would be in the NBA just saying.

And now has been sold to fund a new set of wheels for winter SS commuting.

That’s sad, especially as it fitted you so well.

I got back on my Capo and felt like I was at home and then the Hillbrick sat around for a while, so figured the money could be of better use.

It was a nice bike, the guy who bought it wasn’t as tall as I’d expect him to be. Or was shorter than me at least.