Hillman frames.

Anyone had any experiences with hillman frames? the good the bad the ugly…

after missing out of the green ken on ebay having serious thoughts about having a hillman custom made for me…

other things im curious about is what is the best tubing for street but light enough to hit the track.

Cheers people in advance. but yeah as stated above any info on hillman would be appreciated.


My dad has been riding the same Hillman road frame since 1981.

It had a paint job in 2002ish and was converted to fixed with a Perkins paintjob, but is still going very strong 28 years on

How bout a pic

hillman frames are sweet. if you’re choosing tubing for street and track, i’d recommend 531C. but really, for tubing advice, page blakey.

Blakey = Obi Wan Kanobi :smiley:

help me obi-wan. you’re my only hope…