HILLMAN jacket and a Roger Vlaeminck roadie? campy/cinelli/modolo

Paging Rolly!!! nice jacket for ya bike! =D


And a decent value roadie imo, Roger Vlaeminck? Could be just a sticker though

Vintage Road Bike -Campagnolo | eBay

I have a Hillman track frame to match you know you want them both jase hahaha

hahha…ive got an aussie frame already, i need to find something european now =D

i dont have a hillman but i want that jacket

i could only buy it if it had “hillman” instead… hahaha

i’ll keep an eye on it, but my job is currently up in the air, so might be a bad idea!!

thanks though :slight_smile:

Definitely good buying on that roadie!

Very, very decently priced roadie. Someone get involved.

just print some quotation marks around the HILLMAN and it’ll be a great match for you blue bike.

get some white out maybe?? haha

what do things like this go for anyway?

If that bike was in Melbs there’s no way it’d still be up for sale. Sydney folk get on to it. It might actually fit Spirito.

I’m happy to recommend the seller !!! He’s a great guy and very trustworthy. Slightly too big for me (and I gotz more bikes than I can possibly ride or use right now). Worth buying just for the wheels imo.

anyone here get the jacket?

outbid by $1, but it went past my max anyway, shouldn’t be buying stuff at the moment