Hillman Mixte

Vintage road bike, hillman Mixtie road touring bike, fixie | eBay

Bit rough, but got potential, massive pie plate!

edit: looking closer it doesn’t seem to have a derailleur hangar and only clamp on shifters, so probably not so great.

It’s not that it’s “not so great” it’s more that it becomes hard to set it up with more accurate or later gear systems.

Plus the brake placement sucks. Middle stay centrepull is best, upside down clamp sidepull on the top stays is barely acceptable, this is just derp.


I was under the impression that a dropout mounted derailleur and clamp on shifters were usually only put on cheaper frames anyway?

Speaking of which, you wouldn’t happen to have any of these in your box of goods would you Blakey?

Nope. Try CERES bike shed? There were plenty of them on step throughs, shouldn’t be too hard to source