Hillman - Pre Build

So I got an old hillman road bike from a local online auction earlier this year and have been collecting parts for it from this forum and it is all finally coming together for my second build up, its a bit of a bitsa bike.

I am going to have a mate teach me how to build up a wheel set on this one so I am learning along the build which is always a good thing. I was going to start building it last night but I noticed the clear coat was a bit patchy so I will be getting it re cleared before the build. The colour looks shit in the photos but it has a really nice gold pearl in it that you can see in the light. Once I get it built I will take some better pics.

This bike will be built up to ride on my wedding day next year then given to my best man.

Frame Hillman
Wheelset Velocity laced to BIA Sunshine hubs (spokes still to come) Gran Compe SS tyres
Seat Selle Italia X0
Seatpost Still to come
Cranks Sugino Mighty Competition (Still to polish)
Chain Still to come
Pedals MKS with Kid Killy Special Toe clips, toe straps to come (white leather soma double straps)
Bars Cinelli track drops wrapped in white colnago tape
Headstem ITM
Headset Kid Killy Special

Happy to hear any thoughts / feedback / fuck you liam’s before I start building it up.

That looks awesome and it isnt even finished…sweet rig man…looking forward to it being finished!!!

Please explain…

The bike theme is running across everything for the wedding. Invitations and the photographer asked us what we like… I said bikes, she has come up with some awesome ideas to have the bike included in some of the wedding shots. I also need to get to the church (just down the road from me). So I thought I would ride down… a good way to start a marriage I think, because thats the way it’s going to be for the rest of my life… ride before wife! haha.

that will last long :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Nah it will, she understands the whole thing with the bikes. Its how I keep in shape for her :stuck_out_tongue: I do get the odd “you ride them more than you ride me” comment though.

ha! legend!

i think its looking good mate! lucky best man :slight_smile:

Standing invitation for you to come round for dinner sometime soon. any night. i have the shed sorted. 8 bikes hanging, workbench with vices and truing stand.