Hillman Roadie 58sq (for Rolly to hang on his wall)

Vintage Custom Hillman Road Frame | eBay

is nice. same colour as my sweet street tarck, but alas, too big and $400 i don’t have…

that curved rear brake bridge is fuckin nice though.

Is it really a Hillman?- looks kinda cheap, especially the lugs and brake bridge. One of the early ones?


hence, hanging on your wall.

“Up for sale is a 23.5 inch Reynolds 531 built Hillman frame serial No 3950 (Hillman have confirmed to me that it is one of their custom frames)” taken from the listing.

It’s the Nervex lugs and weird hanger that is putting me off. I’m sure it’s an early one.

mine has the serial 1986 which indicates it was made in 1978.

so it’s later than that. i have no idea how many frames they were producing each year though…

and tate, i know you knew it was too big.

edit - these are definitely the second best decals they made.

FWIW, My Hillman is 3217 which is mid 1985 according to them.

No cable guides, no shifter bosses, no front derailleur mount…and what’s with the massive rear derailleur connection? And those forks look like something from the 50’s, not 80’s as the serial number suggests. I dunno, doesn’t do much for me. Nice wrap around seat stays, though.

Forks look like they belong on a Repco traveller, agreed on the seat stays too.