Hillman track 54


Avoid this seller… He won my Kenevans frame and has not paid or returned 5 messages…

According to his feedback, he dudded some guy on a mobile phone purchase too. I always check the feedback history on anything less than 100%

Too dear anyway!

$420 for that? whatever buddy.

dudes also got it on Gumtree

vintage hillman track frame and fork restored with headset | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Inner Sydney - Sydney City

Not drilled for breaks
not only a dick but he can’t spell.

Get on the blower adrian his number is on the listing: 0433783330

Do you want me to headbut him?

This would be good Spirito…

Let the games begin :wink:

PM me with your KenEvans auction details and what you’d like me to say or remind him/her of.

Haha I might see what happens with the eBay dispute before I go getting the GodFather involved lol

Thanks a Spirits

Oh … <grin>

I’ve taken out his buy it now, and will shortly ask for his address and mobile #. Lives close to me and don’t mind having some fun. At worst he’ll just relist it but I have other ebay accounts as I’m sure do others on this forum.

I’ll wait for word from you … In my experience eBay does nothing against buyers which is why I thought serving him some of his own medicine might get the point across. I don’t want you to feel bad … I’d expect you’d do the same for me.

FoA Mafia strike again :cool:

Finally got an email back

Dear adriank7815,

have to pass the frame offer

sorry for the inconvenience. Couldn’t get the money


  • mangpo88

^ neg feedback. Fuck him.

You can’t leave negative feedback for a transaction that doesn’t happen. All that happens is dubrat gets his time wasted.

Interestingly I’ve just gotten a message from ebay regarding the frame that I’ve “won


mangpo88 recently opened a cancel transaction case for an item you recently purchased: Vintage Hillman 80s track frame 54cm restored fixie fixed .

Reason for cancel transaction request: The seller did not provide a specific reason.

Click the “Respond now” button to accept or decline this cancellation.

If you don’t take action by 13-May-2012, the seller will be able to cancel the purchase without your consent.

This could be fun :slight_smile:

Lamest email reply ever?
I thought ebay was a binding ‘transaction’ not an ‘offer’.


Wonder if he’s read this thread?

Either that or somebody that knows him has tipped him off.

At least he’s gotten the message that the world is smaller than he’d wish.