Hillman Track Frame

Classic Vintage Track/Fixie Frame. | eBay

The seller also has some nice Cinelli track bars


going to watch this like a hawk

And all his other bits. cagey ol fox Knows it’s worth more parted out

would love to get this frame…

do yourselves a favour and ask him for the serial number off the bb shell.

then call hillman cycles and confirm it’s actually a hillman.

plenty of pseudo hillmans doin the rounds. just ask me, hmc, nosoup4u etc etc

i feel guilty that i have been involved in all 3 lol =(

^ Faux frame trafficker…

hahaha really!!! i had no idea i was duped by a pro… :wink:

yeh, both yours and and hmc’s were bought off listings i put up here. nosoup4u i sold the frame to him directly, so feel like even more of a bastard.

you should probably send me one of your legit bikes to make up for the error…

Next time claim em as mcbains,and you’llbe co
vered for dubious provenance.

don’t forget me either.
but this guy seems legit, probs brought it brand new. looks a treat!

Me too. I have a Perkins roadie that was painted up and stickered as a Hillman and used as an AIS training bike. :slight_smile:

[i]Sent: Can I have the serial number off the BB Shell please?

Recived: I didn’t even know there was supposed to be a serial number so I just had a look. There is the number 23 stamped under the frame but this doesn’t sound like a serial number. Other than that there are no other numbers.[/i]

I just phoned hillman cycles and they said it’s not one of their numbers. Thinking the scales are leaning towards fake.

gold star!

shame. it’s still a sweet frame and probably worth a crack

would have been a very nice bike!

Jase! It’s a fake! Get on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s obviously a McBain then.

Strange, but I’m more interested now than when it was a Hillman.

Edit: The listing does not mention Hillman apart from the image. Did he update his listing or do you think he quietly knew?

hahha… too late, everyone now knows =P

im with you mate, always interesting when your not sure where soomething is made, but looks half decent.

The plot thickens…

Have been cleaning up an old track frame with a mate bought from gear bris.

Unknown brand, claimed to be made of 531 and has campy dropouts and fork tips.

The interesting thing is that it too has a 2 digit serial no. On the bb shell. I can’t remember what it was but will look when I get home in a few hours. Lugs look extremely similar from that bad photo but fork is different.

Must be a mcbain lol