Hillman track

I got this a few years ago…
I left it in NY when I was here at the end of last year, and have just reunited with it again.
For those few months I was away from it, everything was upgraded as a surprise/present.
Pretty stoked :slight_smile:


Damn… BALLIN’!

Front Shamal is SCHWEET

The front in general is fucking sick.

decal, wheel, stem ect… the list goes on.

How much did this set you back?

but yeh its bloody nice. :wink:

thats an understatment! Love this thing. Its got ghetto.

What size is it?

trust me, you don’t want to know. you’ll be sick with jealousy.

ahhhh! we’ve got the same frame and front wheel! haha. what is the tubing, i dont even know.

Is your front Vento a glue-on or clincher???

its WELL too small for me so i am ready to hear.

Looks like its running a vittoria rubino clincher on the front.

Hillman international represent!!

jake… its not polite to always ask how much people paid for stuff. luck is often something you earn… and it can ruin peoples idea of a ‘fair price’.

price is relative… what might seem like a lot to you, is change to others. what someone pays today might end up being very different tomorrow. in this case her kind boyfriend, who works at an esteemed shop overseas, did a lot of upgrades and i suspect probably had access to some sweet stuff for cheap.