Hillman Track

After the spiritual death of my last ride I needed a new daily ride, so I recently picked up this frame & threw a bunch of parts on it … as its for commuting its getting a clamp on front brake(en route) … only other thing Ive still got to do is polish the cranks

Frame: Hillman 60x58cm
Headset: Shimano Ultegra
Rims: Velocity DeepV
Hubs: Velocity 36h
Tyres: Continental Ultrasport 23 front/ Vittoria Rubino 23 rear
Crankset: Campagnolo Super Record 170mm 144bcd
Chainring: Campagnolo Record 42t
Bottom bracket: Sugino
Cog: Euro Asia Imports Superstar 16t
Lockring: Surly
Chain: Izumi
Pedals: BBB
Clips: Christophe
Straps: ???
Seat post: ₪???
Saddle: San Marco Regal
Stem: ₪??? 80mm
Handlebar: ???
Grips: Spank

Dude, you have 2 bikes that are practically the same.

Nice McBain!

(On a serious note, it is very nice, as is your other bike. Why two that are so similar? no negative connotations, honest question.)

Yeah i just noticed that too…

It’s like one of those spot the difference puzzles…

Is the crack in the concrete?
No, no, no. The grass is a different green?

Not sure why I ended up with 2 such similar bikes …I definitely had no intention of creating the Olsen twins

the twins will be separated when Mary Kate is resprayed purple

Nope … its that the top one has herpes

one has a white saddle…cmon guys…detail!

but on a serious note, lovely bikes.

That hillman is spesh

thats a preety expensive “bunch of parts that you just threw on”

If you ever get sick of this one PM me, it’s the right size for me, anddddd ditto my comments on the Pegasus

not really… you should try road bike parts.