Hillman Wedding Bike

So I am getting married this weekend so I thought I would build up a bike for the day for wedding pics and general tom foolery.

This is it as I got it

I got my mate to spray paint it, then mid build I decided the colour was terrible. The new colour is from a new mini.

When I am not so stressed out, I will take some better pics.

congrats on the wedding :wink:

and bike looks schmick, is it a gun metal grey/charcoalish? or more of a coke cola dark brown?


Its a really dark brown with a metallic in there.

Congrats Mr Lee, hope you have a cracking day!

Here’s some inspiration…

Hack Bikes!! I made one of those in high school… not as fresh as that one though. I will chuck some picks up after the day.

glad its not all white

that bike has obviously been ridden before

Loving the paint!

definitely one of the nicer conversions ive seen

What bars are they?

You’re a legend, Liam. I hope the big day is unreal mate!! the weather is about as good as it gets anywhere, anytime.
I’ll be thinking of you!

Thanks JP! Will have to catch up soon mate :slight_smile:

All done and dusted with the wedding and honeymoon. Now I am looking to finish this thing… anyone know where I can get some Hillman decals from? I checked that cyclomondo guy but no luck.


Why get repro decals when you can get the real thing?

Hillman Cycles

I could never get comfortable on the track drops. So I ditched them with the outlook to grab some risers until I saw a pic of those Cinelli Priest bars on the Ciocc (thanks for letting me know what bars they were JLN not ZLTN!).

I had a quick search on the net and found something along the lines of the Cinelli Priest bars and was going to dish out the $80 for them next pay. I was going through my garage bike bits this morning and had totally forgot about these old bars from a ladies cruiser that I picked up from the dump about a year ago. I checked them out, they looked pretty good although pretty rusty. One trip to bunnings for some steelo’s and a sausage sandwich later. I have my new handlebars.

I had a very quick ride with them before I got rained on. It has totally changed the feel of the bike… Such a nice casual ride now!! No more trying different grips trying to get comfortable. I’m in love.

Other change from before are the pedals. Didn’t rate the cheap cages.