nominate your most hellish hills in the inner city, and i’ll try to pull together a sweet hillclimb race.

for me, anderson st between the botanical gardens and melbourne girls college and princess st in kew (? next to kew cottages) both rate mentions. ruckers hill in northcote always makes high street worth avoiding too.

there’s a hill near the maryibynong river that we tackled a few months ago on a saturday morning ride. it’s pretty brutal fopr melbourne.

Man, I ride Lansdowne st, from Wellington Pde to Victoria Pde when I can be assed and thats a pretty tuff hill…

Also Bourke, from Swanston to Spring is a decent climb…

Studley Park Road, Princess Hill in Kew is a beauty and basically everywhere in bawlyn

punt rd between toorak rd and the river. i’ve never actually considered attempting it on the bike mind you

I hit that mother fucker about 8 weeks ago with 70inchs. I was going so slow I used the footpath.
If I had of tried to power up it I might be dead now.

Seconded for these ones, but an even harder one is Stawell St in Kew. It is probably the hardest one I’ve done in Burn. Much shorter than the other two, but much steeper as well.

“Tony Two Times” Two Pot Screamer strung them out last week - 4 times up Spring Hill on varying routes. Unfortunately coming back down the last time caused the grief.

Dug out an old cloth patch from the “Brisbane Hill Classic '96” a few days ago, that was a ride of the dozen steepest hills in Brissy. Lots of riders bailed out and unclipped on some of the climbs, but being strapped in on 42X18 I couldn’t have unstrapped if I wanted to.

The State is your one-stop-shop for hill data in Melbourne.

Land Channel Products and Services (then click [Interactive Map] and use [Build Map] feature)

Punt Hill (Alexandra Ave to Domain Rd)

6m to 38m in 440m 0.073 average gradient
( steepest part: 8m to 25m in 163m 0.104 gradient ! )

It would be fun to paint contour lines on the road…

Col d’Ugly (Dalziel Lane to Campbell Grove)

48m to 62m in 221.5m 0.063 gradient

Bourke St (Elizabeth to Queen)

9m to 24.66m in 329.1m 0.048 gradient

Stawell St Kew

steepest part: 21m to 66m in 365m 0.1233 gradient wohoo!

Sorry for the blurriness, imagehosting have resampled the images. The output at land.vic.gov.au is much clearer.

What about Walmer st Kew. Cross the Yarra from Victoria gardens in Richmond - over the little bridge and then up to Studley Park Road… last time i went up there i had to stop for a rest. But then i was trying to keep up with some 60 year old on a vintage geared roadbike. How do they do it

Yeah thats a killer too. There is a steeper one though if you turn left just after coming off the footpath, no sure of the name. Just made it up on 71"!

theres a few around there, that’s where i ride around some nights

Make it a country outing - Tour de Eltham

Oh yeah! eltham so little buggers out there…i think its called pigeon brook (hill?), pigeon something road. Its one of those climbs where your in the 39-25 and have to stand up so you dont fall backwards.

Still just make it a day out and race up baw baw. 6k of ball breakers.

I really find it difficult to believe that Melbourne has any real hills.

fighting words!

nice work on the contour maps. the geography teacher part of me is totally stoked right now.

stawell street looks killer. at the moment the hillclimb lineup is looking like:

stawell st, kew
princess st, kew
punt hill

rucker’s hill
collins st (elizabeth to spring)

and that should do. any ideas about dates?

You are kidding, it might be 20 years since I’ve raced in the big M, but you have to go 20k to find a decent hill.

Melbourne is renouned for being build like a chess board.

spelling issues aside, is this the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down? i hereby invite all those scoffing at melbourne’s lack of altitude to board the next plane and partake in this illustrious event. when and if it actually happens.

Granted Princess St is quite steep, but it is also very heavy with traffic at the best of times. A slightly safer option might be Brougham St which runs parallel to Princess. Just as steep though!