just got the new program from the coach and it says Wednesday: 2 hours road, hills.

i live in parkville. if it was 3 i’d probably just head out to kinglake and back, but two hours isn’t enough to get out there and do the climb as well. looking for two hours of constant rollers, no repeats, preferably light traffic.

taking suggestions, starting now.

similar direction but eltham / warrandyte-ish and back has some good hills?

can i have you old program? :smiley:

pm me your email address and i’ll fling you a few. there might not be much there for you, but there will be a good variety of ergos / roller sessions.

How about straight out along Johnston St through Kew junction, High St, Doncaster Rd, etc and out to the Warrandyte/Westerfolds Park area? Plenty of hills on that route and plenty of options for doing some different return legs if you don’t want to go out and back.

eastern fwy

chandler exit

princess st (south) to roundabout


steepest and longest hill to you.

few nices ones around pascoe vale steeper again.

a few of us recently did,melbs-pt londsdale return…if you feel like getting outta town ,pt londsdale to geelong is steep and rolling…feels like catching waves!

if it wasnt a wednesday i’d ask (politely) to come along… i need to HTFU and some hills would assist me nicely.

either way i might add these to some of the cranky/wed night ride suggestions anyways.

Just do a Thurs night bunch loop and turn around at the end and do it in reverse, that’s two hours.

If you could do 3 hours I’d take you on a secret loop known as ‘Fight Club’. Includes everything from 29% pinches, bike patch and dirt road. Amazing. Known to few apart from the likes of Gerro and a few others.

will be doing 3 hours on sundays. pm pls!

I can send you the Garmin data but you probably won’t be able to follow it. It is well confusing and fully knarly.

I can take you Sunday week if you want.

Kew Boulevard seems to suit the bill I would have thought - you can tack on Yarra Street for serious gut busting or do repeats from below Walmer Street up to the postbox at the Golf Club. 2hrs should be about 3-4 complete loops.

Seemed to work ok for Phil Anderson back in the day…


Recommended… the last part of my daily commute home. If the legs aren’t feeling good, I have to detour around it.

tackled this today.

i used to be much better at climbing, i’m sure…

stu: i used to use yarra st for my hill repeats. i now refuse to ride it (the horror! the horror!). we also used it for the first ever burn city hillclimb, back in 08.

matty (yes, we remember you winning that hillclimb): i’m defs up for next sunday.

I honestly don’t think Yarra st is that hard. It’s only moderately steep and very short.

Doing the unsealed Basin-Olinda Rd fixed on 70" is a prick… Benny tatts will confirm this, as Dan took us up it and brought the pain on Boxing Day… but coming down the 1 in 20 is lotsa fun!

Could do that loop from the Basin Roundabout up to Sassafras, over to Olinda and down the 1 in 20 few times? and maybe in reverse if you wanna get squirrly on the unsealed Basin-Olinda Rd descending, or even venture over to the Wall?

I dont really know anything about hill training rides or gradients but it was just really nice to get some sunburn and lungs full of fresh air over that way for once.

You could try the Kew Blvd, Grange Rd, and Belmore Rd for some good long Up and Down (works for the V Train)…

i need to ride more hills for the otway odyssey. 3500m of climbing over 100kms off road, that is going to sting. mt dandy and hill repeats here i come…campbell is still going to kick my ass.

brendan or matt got any good hill interval programs?

ride Foote St/Reynolds Rd, Templestowe.

short and steep, love it!

mate, i ride track. hills are a bit of a foreign concept for me. hence this thread. which, incidentally, i’m quite enjoying.

but when i was trying to get fitter, i’d do the tour de burbs bunch ride mentioned above. meets at the guide dogs end of the boulie on thursdays at 7ish. highly recommended.

Just did my second Sunday outing to Kinglake from East Malvern via Mont Albert Rd, Doncaster, Eltham, Kangaroo Ground, St Andrews, Kinglake and return - nice 115k ride with plenty of up and down stuff.

I like the scenery out that way. The views out from Eltham up on the tops are fantastic.

Hills are fun.