hippity hop

just curious if anyone is into old school hip hop from the early to mid 90’s on the forum?

mos def, a tribe called quest, big pun, souls of mischief etc etc

general chit chat about songs, artists, favourites etc.

oh son, none of these are old school.

i suggest a book called “can’t stop, won’t stop” by jeff chang.

haha i’m aware none of them are technically old school, i should have put "90"s hip hop.


i dug out this album the other day - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK_WfF6hf2E

so good…

golden era hip hop is jive for summer.

What a wacky wacky title, for a wacky wacky thread.

Beastie Boys FTW…

Krs and De la FTW!

But these years are really the golden years of Hip hop for me so way to many artists to drop names.

You guys should check out some of the mixtapes that are up now on the net from back in the days. I suggest checking out thaoriginalhiphop.blogspot.com and the associated sites on there. Most of the stuff is 90’s and lesser played out stuff is on some of the tapes, as well as original freestyles etc.

the older the better

amen! they were pretty good in melbourne but the sound was crap

can anyone tell me if they have heard The Coup??? other than one of my house mates i havent met anyone who has heard of them but when i show people their stuff they always love it.

asked this question in the music thread but most people there seem to like average punk/hardcore stuff.

every album after their first is amazing
the main MC/producer Boots Riley does some average stuff with tom morello in street sweeper social club now but dont let that put you off.

oh and listening to geto boys ‘ressurection’ for the first time in ages… still nice

banned from the house for a week…

heard them, don’t mind them, wouldn’t buy a record.

they make an appearance on dave chappelle’s block party, and kinda come off like doofusses.



never got into till earlier this year, few mates spin hiphop and love the 90s shit.
Saw a bit of WuTang last week at the epsy, went alright.

Bangs FTW


but they’re like political anarchists n shit- here’s the album they had the unfortunate timing of releasing in september 2001

but you wanted me to bring round your brokeNCYDE CD i borrowed…

don’t limit yourself to the 90’s man, there’s been tons of good things released post-2000.

most recently check blakroc (the black keys with a heap of guests), mos def’s newest album, raekwon’s ‘only built for cuban linx 2’.

try MF DOOM as well, the albums he did with madlib and danger mouse are sweet.

Watching Up In Smoke tour now. Snoop and dre together!!!
My plan this year is to buy every Wu related album by all Wu artists. Its going to be an uphill battle.

Fixed :wink:
Unfortunately most Wu Tang output (GFK excepted) beyond the 90’s is disappointing.