Hipster Hitler

I’m sure a few of you would have seen it already but for those that haven’t:

More here

ahahah so awesome!


I thought this thread was gooing to be about this oldie but goldie:

Did everybody else put on a bruno kind of accent while they were reading in their head?

I was thinking the same thing kev and I was about to ask a gear ratio question… :slight_smile:

As a former hipster (before many of you were even born) I can’t tell you how big a Ha! this strip gave me this morning.

That’s totally lol. Giggles are bubbling up.

I have to stop reading them, I’m gonna get in trouble. Too fkn funny.

Damnit. I like finding things like this when there’s a large backlog to churn through.

^^ yeah my gf fowarded it to me a couple weeks ago, and when I went to read it from the start I found out it was the first one. Disappointment ensued…

man, this is fantastic.
Reminds me of being 15, and a nazi boy.

New one out today. I lost my shit over this one. I really shouldn’t read this at work.

fuking gold Dan!!!

SO POLITICALY INCORRECT. But so funny :slight_smile:

fell off my chair