Hipster past??

Had a dilemma the other day, when the rare sunny day in rAdelaide happened and my pedestrian rayban Sunnies/shades were in the wifes car and not available.

Remembered that i had an old pair of Bolle’s tucked away in a drawer somewhere and went searching.

Unearthed these.

Cleaned em and put em on and went…Holy fuck, this is hipster.

The styling is almost identical to wayfarers WTF?.

The freakie thing is that these glasses were purchased back in '97 FFS.
I swore by Bolle’s back then as I’d been wearing them since the mid 80’s.Probably payed $120+ for em too.

So heres the thing… would it be tragic to start wearing them again at age 42, and was I ahead of the curve 14 years ago when i bought em, or should I just chuck em back inthe draw or Ebay em as a hipster artefact and see what i can fetch?

Wear them! That’s like finding money in your pocket you forgot about.

If you find yourself asking if you’re too hipster, you’re already too late.

if you can’t bring yourself to wear them then sell them to me…

What goes around comes around. Keep em.

if you can’t bring yourself to wear them then give them to me…

Be one of those cool older guys, like nexus or spirito.

age 42

you worked out how to use the interwebs.

good for you!

Bloody young 'uns

You do realise the interwebs is older than 42 right?


(That means laugh out loud, JustDave. The ‘Z’ is just for LOLZ)

I remember the interweb before it had porn (and bikeporn)… it was useless!

Remember dylan old people don’t like being called old…haha

similar to OP, unearthed these in a Kharmic cleanout. RayBan “Drifters” - Mrs Commuter’s mum brought them back from the USA for me, some time in the mid-late 80’s

Bolle IREX 100s are the king of all glasses lenses, looking through them makes your feel like your in some 60s-70s time warp!

Yeah… LOL’d too.

One advantage of my age is that I have a 12 and a 9 year old who can fill in any computing gaps,and fix anything I fuck up for me .
it’s kinda weird, cos i do come across plenty of people my age who are not computer savvy and think it’s some sort of scary tech device from the future. I feel sorry for them and what they are missing out on.
Oh and i don’t care about being called old, cos i am and i’ve got gray hairs advancing to prove it.

Sometimes I roll with this jersey on a Sunday Roadie jaunt.

i should at this stage point out i’m 33 hahahaha

On IRC earlier this week someone asked another person if they knew what the acronym a.b.p.e stood for. The discussion then moved to what was the best way to slurp down … articles. And the merits of early video codecs.

the Z is for zebras!

No it’s not, it turned 20 this month.

And ARPANET turns 42 in October this year.

And DEEP THOUGHT is only 33