Hipster rides fixie up Galibier with emotive music, video


Too much lycra/helmet. This one is wayyyy more hipster douchy.

“on my track bike, which has one gear…”


DICE, that first one is so much worse.

“cycling on a track bike certainly has deep spiritual aspects. it’s repetitive to an extent that i achieve a trance-like state of mind.”

i mean, good for them, it’d probably half kill me and destroy my knees, but why not just say “it’s a big fuckin mountain, i wanted to climb it just to see if i could.”

I was hoping for an ironic twist, but should’ve known it was never their intention. Gosh!

Who gives a fuck, years ago every one rode every where with one gear.
What i would like to see is him sit on a 83 cadence and climb it at 35km/h

47:17? Wuss.

What, no Rapha? He can’t be serious.

EDIT: vid 2 needs more top tube pad!

Its the same dude Rolly, the Stelvio vid was from a couple of years ago. But yeah to be honest its too fucking embarrassing / wince inducing for me it have watched the one H posted the whole way through. I just though his aesthetic had been distinctly Raphafied - the Tobias Fünke ‘never-nude’ cutoffs have been replaced with leggings.

Here’s a (proto)hipster vid we can all appreciate:


Reposted for H :wink:

I like the video, this guys just doing his own thing which is cool. I have done some big climbs on my track bike and really enjoyed the challenge. I don’t understand the hate.

A skid over the finish line would have topped that video off nicely.

Nothing beats… RAD - YouTube

I do.All that’s missing is the Rapha Kit for the complete douchery.

mckenny rides fixie to corner store to get bread: 0 views

I’d watch that.

Man I had a hardon for the chick in that film back in the day(I was like 16 n shit)

Digging the challenge is one thing, being a wanker about it is another.

It’s more that i just hate all the shit talking, The riding is cool but i know guys in there 60’s that just jump on there track bike and knock out big rides weekly.

The just don’t think anything of it and just call it riding, and when their mates or wives asked where they were they just say riding.

In 10 years every FGFS video is going to look as dated as that

But i still shouldn’t hate, it’s his thing i guess and who am i to hate.

One of the best MTB vids EVER!

I would love a beast of the east.