Hipster to Hippie - Cautionary Tale

I laughed

Looks as if we are between step four and five in Melbourne.

ah, horatio, that’s where you’ve been! i knew the whole ‘colombia’ thing sounded suss.

my dreadlock sightings are up 600% since moving to northcote.

Yeah I’m at step 7!

agreed. and it takes me so much longer to go to the supermarket, now that i have to stop and salute so many prayer flags.

is it possible to move beyond step 2 if i can’t grow ‘serious chops’?

i have tried many-a-time, and don’t even get mediocre chops…

You can’t be a hippy with an Opeth tee shirt. Blakey told me.
As a brief aside, did you see them last year, and if so, did you think they were as good as 2008 if you saw them then?

what are you talking about. aren’t opeth pretty much a hippyBM band?

haha id be step 6

i was in my hoodie thank you!
yeah, saw them last time out…took my partner who really enjoyed it. wasn’t as good as the Deliverance/Damnation tour, which wasn’t as good as the corner hotel show (way back in '04, '05, hell maybe it was even '06). the smaller venues just seem to bring out the best in bands IMO.

too true. Love the corner.

fuck the corner! it’s fucking huge!

bands are better when they’re playing in your friend’s living rooms…

can i get an invite when you next have a band playing in your, or your friends, living room? would prefer international, but will settle for a local artist :slight_smile:

Samesies. I’ll bring assorted vegan cheese

i remember seeing amateur party (philly) and agents of abhorrance (melbourne) in the living room at 383 brunswick road a while back. erle lived there! one of the best shows i’ve ever been to.


Yeh i missed the corner show. Heard very good things however.

Small venues are always good.

“all you need is a powerpoint” - Kirk Scotcher, 2005

“All you need is Powerpoint” - Davey Havok 2010*

*possibly made up.

No Melbourne venue will ever be as good as the Old Greek Theatre. THAT’s how old I am…