Hipsterrunoff, yall


Kinda embarrassed that my bike has more than 1 gear. People think I’m lame, but I like the gearz. But sometimes the gears won’t work so it’s like I have a fixie but not really.

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i can skid stop from the bronx to williamsburg.

Pretty great site providing hipster commentary, read some of the ‘memorable posts’ (links down right hand side)

hipster girls pretend to have cancer, have chest tats and commit forgery, it seems.

seems like a website full of suckers, and people who like to write in text speak.

who writes: “n e1” its the same amount of keys as “any1”?

uh. no its not.

“ne1” is 3 letters

“any 1” is 4 letters

“anyone” is a word

It might be 3 letters, but “ne 1” is 4 keys, not that I give a fuck about any of this :slight_smile:

who writes any1?

Tweens and Alex4.0

And Vegans.

post proof or retract. PPOR plox.