Hipsters are now Wal-mart cool...

…fixed gear super funky crazy wicked hip hella cool lifestyle taken to a new low…


even radial laced fornt :-o

It’s not fixed gear, not single speed, but fixed speed!

why is it that i only ever see radial lacing on the front wheel? educate me please.

cos it can’t handle the torque of being used on the rear

because a 3 cross lacing holds your spoke cards better


‘fixed speed’…fkn lol :roll:

I love this: -

Origin of Components: USA and/or Imported

Quality at it’s finest

High-profile colored rims add urban style

metro sexual much?

MMM Walmart you say.

I think it’s time to bump this one.



do you think wallmart will ship? or do they have any distributors in aus?

v. interested!

you’re kidding right?

+1, split shipping?
how’s jap?

I didn’t even know mongoose still made bikes!! keeeerist!!!