Histogram + Omnium chainline noise

Anyone built up this combo or close? Are there any particular chainline noise issues on the Histogram?

Had omniums with a zen ring on my mash, was very quiet. The omnium chainring seems very thick though, not sure if that would be the cause of any extra noise?

I have them on a Vigorelli, so pretty close. The chainring bolts did cause an annoying noise and wouldn’t stay tight until they were glued in place.

Hmmm, ok, I’ll investigate further. This isn’t for me - It’s for someone who bought a frame and is having noise issues, so just poking around to see if there is some kind of known issue, or, what it might be… Cheers

+1 Omnium chainrings are quite thick… because of that I use a KMC cool chain as they are a little wider than other 1/8th chains. My stock omniums run very smoothly, paired with a surly cog (also thicker than normal).

Also the omnium stack bolts are too wide to use on a normal 1/8th chainring.

Could it be something as simple as an overly tight chain?

^— +1 for this.

My Kona had an overly tight chain and was noisy even though CL was spot on.