Histogram Wheels?

So im waiting for my new histogram frame and i have come accross a slight dilemma.

I have a rear B43 that will be going on it and have all the others bits to build it when it gets here but im stuck trying to decide what wheel i want for the front.

I have been looking at the SRAM 80 on wiggle for 580 and dont really want to spent anymore than that. im just curious if it is gonna look funny with the B43 on the back.

All suggestions are welcome!


Put a front disc on it

It will look funny.

a front disk would definatly look funny!

Zipp tri-spoke.

errrrr for $580 you could just about ditch the rear B43 and have a better WHEELSET handbuilt.

aerospokz for sure

i was tosing up the idea of a HED3 cos i can get one for 800 but i was also thinking of a silver deep v to give it abit of bling

holy shit, this.

Double that.

Get a nice set of rims laced to Phil’s.

aerospoke, if you dont know what they look like you could go onto google.com and search for some pics there

Now this is an idea i like!!!

Just echoing Sime and HMC.

Check out Velomine.com

i like aerospokes but for some reason im abit hesitant to get one. i’ve heard alot of good and bad reviews about them.

urgh, this thread does my head in


And locked.