Hit and Run - Leighton/Cottesloe Perth

Cyclist killed in hit and run at Cottesloe - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Thoughts go out friends and family of the victim.

I’ve ridden this stretch of road on many occasion.


That is so heinous! What a scumbag for driving off too I hope he gets charged like a Dodge SRT8.

That’s what we are up against in Perth, the contempt shown towards cyclist in this city is apalling…it makes me sick to my stomach.

Feel so sorry for the family and friends of the cyclist :frowning:

thats fkd, we usually ride that path too! glad they atleast arrested the kent.


This is a particularly nasty one.

I really hope this criminal gets the book thrown at him. There is absolutely no excuse, it’s basically manslaughter.

Very sad story.

Could’ve happened anywhere, not just P town.

Driver was pissed, no doubt why he drove off and why he was on that road in the first place.

I rode up there 2 nights ago in traffic. Ugh. :frowning:

Apparently he dumped the car just down the road…
what a muppet.

I reckon they’ll come down pretty hard on him being it was a hit and run plus drink driving.