Hit by a car this morning, need advice..


i got hit by a car this morning, on williams street, i dont know i keep riding it, and my bikes fucked.
my new jeans, fucked.

the question i have is…

the people who hit me, were actually a really nice old couple,
they gave me all their details, and told me that they would pay for my jeans, and for my bike…

we swapped details, but the police werent involved.

thing is, they are really old, and wouldnt understand that my bike is worth as much as it is…

so if you were me… how much would you ask for?

i dont wanna fuck with dudes on the pension…


I was put in a similar situation a year or so ago. It’s fair that you ping them for everything that is damaged, which you legitimately need to replace. Don’t ping them for things which are probably fine but you might have included them had the driver been a prick.
I know others here will say get them for all their worth, but that’s my opinion.

read this thread mate.
I understand your sympathy, but I’m not sure whose fault it was so I can’t comment on the morality of your situation.
How much will you be out of pocket? And are they insured etc?

they rode into the bike lane, and jammed me between their car and the gutter.
funny thing is, i was actually just reading that thread last night…

they admitted they were in the wrong, i got a couple of witnesses…
but i guess the actual question i was trying to ask, is like, from a sympathetic not a legal stand point…
they are old, even though it was their fault, i just feel bad taking money off them… lifes a bit of a bitch when youre old.
but i need my bike…


What kind of car was it? That should give you a hint as to how much they’re struggling…I’ve had old folks in Mercs tell me they can’t afford to buy me a new helmet.

make a police report and go thru their insurance, the end

it was like an old bedford van.

even though the police werent called, if i asked for a sum of money, could they still claim in on insurance?

ill do that then.

and maybe change your username.

you cant just call up your insurance company and ask for a sum of money to give to someone you ran over

If they are insured and you’re dealing with Insurance companies then it’s time to take the nice guy gloves off because the Insurance Company will rape you and even your cat if they can.

Get full retail prices for everything that needs replacing. Get clear pics and itemized damage report from a shop or mechanic. Go to see a doc … even if you’re not hurting … some injuries take a while before they realized.

The oldies … whilst they cool and I know you don’t wish to upset them, they drive a car and that’s why they pay insurance. Their excess will be the same whether it’s $500 damage or $5000.

Don’t be a hero. It wasn’t your fault, it could have cost your life.

Where on William street?
I ride up there every day but havn’t yet had any problems.
Collins street is where all the idiot drivers come out!

Don’t be a hero. It wasn’t your fault, it could have cost your life.


Spirito is spot on.

The nice old people aren’t making any decisions about this. They’ll just forward your claim to their insurer. The insurance company will do everything possible to reduce the money they pay out. Make an honest claim for everything that was damaged as a result of the crash.


And this…

Or… they may want to offer you money and avoid going through their insurance, as the girl did when I last got hit. Just make sure you keep the pressure up to get the money. REMEMBER… It’s all talk until it hits your bank account!

go to the police and make a report. it’s highly unlikely that they will be charged with anything, but it gives you an official record of events in case shit turns bad. the insurance company might ask for this as well.
ask them if they have insurance, and if they do, just take it to a shop, give them the details, and they can sort out a nice fat quote and do all the repairs and contact insurance without you having to do anything.
if they don’t have insurance, then try sourcing parts yourself and putting it all together if you want to be nice.

thanks for the advice fellas.

someone at work just told me to make a stat dec at the police station, but i dont think that would really cut it, right?

Dude if they don’t have insurance just get it fixed, don’t drum up the quote, get what you need repaired, repaired. Simple.
If they do have insurance, as mentioned above you aren’t dealing with their wallet directly so get every $ you can, they probably are on a very low excess too.

thats good advice dude…

ive never had to deal with an insurance company before…
is it a long laborious process im betting…

i just dont want to be a douchebag to an old couple.
most upset about my jeans! i only got them on saturday!


go see the russians (use the search function)

The old couple are probably at home with their poodle, having a cup of tea and laughing about taking out another hipster. Don’t let the grey hair fool you!

And … never ride in new jeans.