Hiz Hillman.

I guess here’s my bike, since I’ve been lurk-chuggin it for long enough.

Old Hillman frame. Melb represent. Reynolds 531 i think but who knows.
Rear velocity, phil hub, phil cog. Front Campag Vento.
Suntour Superbe track cranks with matching, superbe njs (wow!) chainring. Phil bottom bracket (new niiiice). Bargain bin rolls saddle with a campag something era something seatpost. Loads of it was all bought online for dirt cheap/free from years of ebay trolling.
The End.

nice ride

16 spoke front wheel - is it enough for street riding?

i ride 12

How much do you weigh? :roll:

more than you H… and he is doing ok.

Always good to see another Aussie frame, and one that looks like it’s well ridden!

Did you take the photo there so that the flowers matched the TT pad and grips? :slight_smile:

i think we’ve ridden together once…
yours is a loverly bike!

That front is steeep – a longer stem and you’d flip it. But real nice bike – makes most superstyled colour-coded hipster machines look like shaved lap dogs.

indeed we have, though it’s got these updated wheels. We’re Vento buddies now :slight_smile:

Really?? I’m no geo whiz, but is it really steep? Seems fine by me. I wouldnt go a longer stem, the bikes prob too big for me as it is without adding more reach to it.

p.s i want a shaved lap dog. in particular, a chihuahua.

Really nice frame. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Hillman frames.

me too. brunswick pride…

i can;t wait for the relace and polish job to be finished my roadie is begging to be ridden again!

looks sick hilz and thanks for the rather special frame and cranks…
you played a major part in making my ride sooo nice.


Nice looking frame, what gearing are you running?

49-19 i think

super steep - partly due to bent fork. Brakeless represent.

  • Joel

Not bent. “Coldset”

Here’s my forks again. All good. The bike has def been used and abused, travelled overseas with, on n off loads of buses n planes. The paint has been ruined in my travels, and is the one thing i need to sort out but am slack. Otherwise it’ll start to corrode.

Here it is a little more “naked” (ignore the loose chain)

Here it is a little more “naked” (ignore the loose chain)


I love the look of this bike in its original state - clean, classic look about it.

I agree!
The drops/long stem aren’t too comfortable tho.
Didnt need the wheels so i sold them to cover the purchase cost of the bike.
Top tube pad is comfortable to sit on and stops more scratching.
And mud guard stops wet ass, which you don’t need on the velodrome.
As a true track bike, the “naked” version is def a pure picture of what a track bike is.