Hmm 45$ track bike Kurri Kurri NSW

Fixed geared track bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Cessnock Area - Kurri Kurri | 1043159108

doo eeeeetttt

Negotiable. Knock him down to $20 :slight_smile:

be like beaker.

I’ll even provide matching splash tape.

It’s Italian, too…

Weekend road trip doneee.

Keywin pedals too !!

Locked it in for Saturday arvo.

Good man. Foa mafia strikes

He’s a nice bloke, meeting me at the local station (by local, I mean 30 mins drive) for me to pick upf or $10 bucks.

Got a shock when I realised I’m not a student concession anymore, 6 hours return train ride there will be 17 bucks. In perspective, full track bike for under $75 is still sweet.

I saw this minutes after it went up. The closest bike shop is 15-20mins up the road which kinda put me off asking them to drop it there. Probably closer then the local train station haha

Let us know whats on it!

Well… $40 bucks in the end (+ $20 for petrol money for my friend who drove me there and back - in particularly shitty weather.)

Its a 53 sq, nothing too special - and probably slightly too small for me but may build up as a pub bike… Was repainted poorly, drop outs aren’t stamped nor is BB.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that someone (rather poorly) brazed a drop out hang onto it, without a lot of skill - just a big blob of solder and poorly aligned - sawed that off already as it serves no use (120mm spacing, no other braze ons or guides). Has two large dents in the head tube but doesn’t interfere with the cups or bearings or steerer.

Had the following:

  • Sunshine hubs to Fiamme tubeless rims, all in perfect condition, no rust on spokes.
  • Cinelli track stem and bars, scratched up.
  • Keywin pedals
  • SR royal 165’s (48 tooth ring)
  • Rusted headset, binned.
  • Non descript BB
  • Sugino seatpost, average
  • Dodgy purple saddle
  • Shitty chain, binned

So not amazing, but not gonna complain for $60 bucks either. Might give ti a respray eventually but I don’t mind the shitty paint.

Was obviously just someone’s fairly work-horse kind of track bike, with a hanger to run a 1xX set up. Was a good sunday outing however!