Hmmm... fixed woody anyone?

Can’t really see a market for them but they’re interesting none the less.


I’d buy one, if they were not quite so… chunky. There was a great wooden fix a while back on fixedgeargallery (from NY I think, I should find it and link it, but meh, I’m a lazy man).

These nutters are carrying on about Howard Huges’ plane, dubbed “The Spruce Goose”, the fucking plane only got a couple of feet off the water and never flew again. I hope that isn’t a reflection on this company.

You could have a fixed alleycat, where you set them on fire and then the person to finish the closest to the finish line (you make the finish line a long ways away) wins and receives 3rd degree burns maybe.

Oh and think of the splinters

just a thought

They’d get heavier in the rain, and they’d shrink in the summer.

seasonal-varible dimensions?