Hmmm, MASH lycra...?

The new MASH team kit.

Get yours here!

Although I must admit, the keychain detail on the bibs is pretty genius.

I REALLY REALLY want to hate it but . . . . . . it looks HOT.

Whoever designed it did a top job.

ive seen a lot worse (Rock Racing anyone??)

Rock Racing… as in Rockstar Racing?

no this rock racing:

MASH kit: a thousand times better than this–

looks good. So does that rock racing kit. Team kit that matchs the bike the team races is really sweet i think. It looks uniform. I prefer that then seeing weekend warriors who mix different coloured kits and then have a different coloured bike and can’t ride for more then 30m’s without coasting! Any idea of the mash team kit price?

Aussie flavour

See, this would look a lot better on a burly trackie with monster thighs. On a skinny roadie, it’s kind of like a skinny pale anime fan in a long black trenchcoat trying to look like someone from The Matrix.


The MASH kit retails for $90US a piece.

this guy was always my favourite rock racing idiot rider.

the MASH gear looks good though… it helps they have some very talented designers as part of their riders (benny gold, garret chow and jonathan burkett). the rock racing kit looks like it was created by the same people that design the ‘rock and republic jeans’ :stuck_out_tongue:

this Douche

I have designed a few jerseys in the past… nothing as sweet as those Mash ones though. I like the super graphic style of it. Very different to what is ‘expected’ on a jersey. Only downside are all the logos splattered over it. Kind of ruins the clean look of it.

TwinSix jerseys are also nicely designed with that retro touch.

Too much,

oh man, i’m totally getting a bottles and chains skinsuits and wearing it on the track.

so long as i can pretend the bottles are molotov cocktails…