(Hobart) Disciples of the Iron Horse

What: Bottles and Chains ‘Disciples of the Iron Horse’ Ride

When: Saturday November 24th @ 2:00pm

Where: Sandy Bay Sailing Club, Nutgrove Beach

Why: On one Saturday in 1882, a group of six cyclists from the Hobart
Bicycle Club competed in a race from Long Beach in Sandy Bay to Browns
River at Kingston Beach and back. The race took them several hours.

The road between Sandy Bay and Kingston in those days was an unformed
‘track’. The riders not only had to contend with mud, steep ungraded
climbs and scrub, but with their equipment also… they were riding fixed
gear bicycles with brakes that were somewhat ineffectual downhill…
anyway they did it and now we’re going to do it too…!!

I keeping with the spirit of Bottles and Chains this will be an ‘informal’
event… there’s no entry fee’s or alike and all and sundry are welcome…

Registration - 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Briefing - 1:45pm
Racing - 2:00pm

The ride’s open to anyone but we’ll be organising everyone into four
cats. Brakeless Fixed (aka Mad Bastards), Fixed/Singlespeed (aka The
Legs), Roadies (aka Dopers) and Fat Tyres (aka Knobblies).

You need:
You have to bring a bike to ride and a helmet! Sensible clothes are not
required, or encouraged.

Auxiliary Festivities:
The ride will be followed by plenty of beer and a BBQ at Long
Beach/Nutgrove (whatever the hell beach it is). There will be someone
kicking around there during the ride so if you want to bring along some
snags/beer/vege burgers/etc and leave them there while you ride, that
will be fine!

Everyone who enters will get a spoke card for the memories, and there
might be some prizes for whoever makes it back first!

Drop us an e-mail at info@bottlesandchains.com or call Mischa on 0438 599 147.


Awesome - I’m so excited about this.

Vintage style!

With that ‘flashy’ website, a ‘club’ and some nicely thought out and organised events (WITH spoke cards) t’would seem that Hobart is now Australia’s fixed city in waiting*!

Well done guys!

(*though Brisvegas might have something to say about that :wink: )

Haha, we can only hope. I was dropping posters off at one of the bike shops today and one of the guys was talking about converting his track bike into a street machine.

Exxxxccceelllent, another minion for the fixed army.

Tomorrow, bike nerds.

Forecast: fine, 25.

Today, rockers.

Forecast: Hot as fuck, bring your boardshorts and beer (oh, and a bike).


A great success! Awesome day, a total of 19 riders, absolute madness! The race was won by local courier American Dave (from Canada) who was riding brakeless fixed and managed to beat the first roadie by over a minute…and the whole course was nothing but big climbs and descents. Mad bastard.

There’s a report on the website and I’m about to throw up some photos!


Yep, awesome day… BBQ action, beers, swimming and best of all BIKES!

19 competitors, a Le Mans start complete with wrestling (Disco vs Russty in a push each other off the bike/bike throwing incident! haha!) and big climb, a dirt road descent, tyre blow outs, brother vs brother, girls vs boys, a Canadian, a Frenchman who incidently had just got out of hospital with bronchitis, prawns, ah… what else… ah, Nic rode it hung-over which was impressive considering the hot temp…

Ah, oh yeah… and the most beautiful ss old school Malvern Star turner up, complete with a coaster brake that died on the descent… or did it over heat and lock on? I can’t remember…

For anyone who is keen for a bit of Hobart bike action look us up on bottlesandchains.com or search for our group on Facebook… we hope to throw another event sometime in the near future… maybe an alleycat??