Hoffy help

Hey guys, long time lurker here.
I’m Matt, and I’ve been riding this for a while now. It’s done me well but I’m thinking of stripping it down and re-doing it.
The pink wheel is a temporary thing whilst I sort my normal black wheel out.

I’m trying to find some more out about the bike.
I have the original forks at my old house in storage and they’re painted in silver and are original paint.

The stamp code appears to be 5236

I’ve spoken to the Hoffy shop before and they said it matches nothing in their records however 3 or 4 people have all confirmed it to be a hoffy, but can’t tell me anything about it.

I’d love any help and assistance that could be offered

Thanks :slight_smile:

Overall bike

The stamp code appears to be 5236

pics wouldn’t edit in post.

have a look at this guy’s flickr, photos of the Hoffy order book (and a lot more!)

Hoffy shop would have no idea they bought the shop long ago.
Who said it was a hoffy?
Got any close ups of lug work and the fork?

dayne, a few random people I’ve seen around the traps. No particular people though the gent I got it off was lead to believe it was a hoffy also.
As I said earlier, forks are currently stored at my old place so I’ll have to look through my archive for images or go and grab them from storage

Here are some closer shots.

Forks were painted a silver and are still in original condition


Did you search Gavin’s serial books for the number?
Most hoffys were stamped hoffy clearly in the bb shell.
It’s hard to tell it could be it could not be chances are you may never know.
The wrap around stays, rear drop outs and general quality are tell take hoffy traits.

One of my hoffys had the same serial number location.

Put the original fork in it and bring it to pushies.

Yeah that sounds like a plan. It’ll look like a total bitsa but I can do that!
Thanks for the suggestion.
I didn’t even think of that.

Bit of a thread dig. Boss has scored a Hoffy. Mixture of early Dura Ace, Arabesque and Campy.
Hoffy is stamped on the bb shell, though I can’t see a four digit.
Any suggestions where else on the frame the serial number could be?

Seat post collar?

Thanks Dan, I gave it a wipe down and had a good look at lunchtime, no luck so far.
Next thing is to strip it down and give a good clean.

Usually the forks have a stamp too on the steerer.
My forks have Hoffy + the number stamped on the originals.

Thanks Matt, I will check.

Darrell McCullock (Llewellyn) and Brett Richardson (Berretto) may be able to help - they probably won’t want to though.

I believe they both did their trade apprenticeship under Eric Hendren at Hoffy.

Post a pic up,
if not on the fork steerer or on the bb then it may not have one.
if its a later one darrel could help.