Hoffy & Pogliaghi

this frame looks sick

Hoffy Rossin Pursuit Pista Track Frame Cinelli Campagnolo Columbus Fixie | eBay

and seller got this as well

Pogliaghi Pista Frame Track Campagnolo Columbus Cinelli Fixie | eBay

The Hoffy did or does belong to Freckl, and the Pog was for sale on here a while ago too.

I owned that pog for a very short time, never should’ve sold it.

So where are my engineers - all that additional bracing would be useless, right?

Trigger you can have it for $100 less than you sold it for. :frowning:
If it doesn’t sell this week I’m going to keep it.

Any one on here can have it for $550.

Who built the Hoffy?

Did the Pod sell?

Hoffy cycles in brisbane I believe.
Yep it’s off to milan.

Damn, if you got $600 on the bay for that pog I think it’s time to throw up my guerciotti. Dang that Rossin is mint for a street sweet fixay.

it would fit you like a glove twistan